Our suggestions for jewelry stands

If you are sick of having to search for the right earrings until you go crazy or having to deal with tangled/knotted jewelry than it’s time to make a change. Use your old jewelry box just for rings or small pendants and look for jewelry stands that fulfill your needs. They have to be sturdy enough, so they don’t fall if you overcrowd them and to be able to hold various types of jewelry.


You’ve probably seen this type of jewelry stand in most jewelry stores as they are used to hold bracelets, small necklaces or watches. A 3 tier bar provides more space and the highest bar can be used for longer jewelry pieces. A punctured T-bar can be used to display all your pierced earrings but it’s not so easy to find one.

Jewelry Tree

I love this option! You have lots of designs from which to pick and if you are crafty you can make your own display at home. All you need is a twig with lots of ramifications, a spay paint and a small pot. Fill the pot with plastic grass or fabric scraps and then just glue the twig. You will have a great looking display and you can customize it as you wish. These jewelry stands are not the best option if you want something that can hold lots of products as the jewelry tree is more for decorative purposes.

Acrylic jewelry display

This is the best choice if you have a lot of earrings and you keep on ending up with only one earring because you put them all around the house. This display will keep them tangle free and you have all the pairs in sight so you can easily find the pair that you are looking for.

Rotating jewelry stand

A circular model allows you to easily browse through your jewelry and decide fast what you want to wear. It’s tangle/knot free and saves up a lot of space. The swivel base has to move easily and to be supportive enough so that the stand doesn’t fall ruining your jewelry.

Wall jewelry organizer

If you don’t have enough free space on your vanity table or night stand for a regular jewelry stand, opt for the wall solution. This way you can hang all your necklaces and earrings, regarding of their length. Some organizers even come with a small tray for your rings and other accessories that can’t be hung.

Dress stand

This is a super girly choice but unfortunately, it can hold only several pairs of earrings as it focuses more on the actual look of the display. You can buy one shaped as a Renaissance lady or like a zero size model, in vintage or modern clothing.

These are the most important jewelry stands that you can find today and all you have to do is to choose the one that fits you best. If you are looking for a stylish way to display your jewelry, i recommend the tree or the dress stand but if you have a huge jewelry collection the wall organizer of an acrylic display are better choices.